Shutters for Shropshire and Surrounding Areas

Shropshire Conservatories offers a wide selection of Security Grilles & Shutters.

If you are seeking a cost effective, easy-to-operate way to protect your home and family (or business property) from intruders? Having high-quality grilles or shutters installed by us will provide your property with performance and protection that is second to none. Our shutters feature a designed to guarantee unaltered color and superior scratch resistance for shutters that will look beautiful year after year. Quality construction and materials assure movements that are less noisy and smoother than other leading shutter systems. Our shutters easily install over your existing windows and doors making them an excellent cost effective alternative.



Vertically operating, rolling shutters provide your home with protection, security and savings with a reliable and user-friendly product. With the simple touch of a button you can open and close your shutters to control the comfort and security of your home.


Other Shutters Grilles

Removable, permanent and hinged grilles with bar or mesh designs can be made to order your specific requirements. Decorative designs are available. Bar grilles can be cut to the size you need and welded in for maximum defense and offers a permanent solution to your security needs.


Commercial Security Grilles

We design, supply and install shutters and grilles for many differnt properties including commercial. 


Free Estimate Request

We will be more than pleased to visit your home and provide a free, no-obligation estimate on new shutters for your home. 

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